The paradox explained in less than a minute

Understand why reflection is hard when it matters.

The mind–change comes with the habit of reflective exercises


We provide them in 5 steps


Would you like to reflect now?


Or would you like to be reminded later?



What people say about the exercises

"Great tool, especially for those who are busy and introspective to find it difficult"
Santje Geuze

"Again beautiful exercise, which really works for my specific question. Hat off!"
Thijs Sins

"It brought me a whole new perspective on a scanty situation"
Nicole Verhoeven

“Fantastic! Very big result for a seemingly simple task”
Sandra Kruijt

“This is a great way to reflect. You 'live' the situation. Asking questions leads to insight.”
Ingrid Kromheer

“I think this is a very beautiful and powerful way to (learn to) reflect”
Marjan van de Bult

“High quality brain breakers, very useful”
Jan Willem Weck

“I've been talking to many people lately. Apparently there is a word for it”
Ineke van Halsema

“Now that I have made the exercise Power, I think I should have done a specific situation very differently”
Berendien Dondergoor


"Ambitious professionals, managers and managers stimulate more and reflect better so that they become wiser and remain inspired to work on a beautiful, better world.

That's our mission."